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Organic Slim tea

Slim Tea Australia-OLA is a 2 in 1 detox and weight loss tea blend formulated using the highest quality, all-natural organic ingredients. The tea is sipped in the morning and a few hours before bedtime to take advantage of the restful overnight hours. Organically and Ethically sourced weight loss teas, picked at peak season. We won’t compromise on quality. Our detox tea is of the highest grade and are sourced by tea masters with over 50 years of experience. Each tea is ethically sourced and picked at peak season with over 80% vacuum sealed on the tea estates to ensure the tea in your cup tastes as fresh as the day it was picked. We’re proud to serve our slimming tea formulated for results. We even have you covered after your detox program, our delicious Queensland breakfast or healthy weight for life tea will help you maintain that body you have been working on.
Our Best Seller
The most amazing 28 Day Ultimate Detox and Fat burn blend formulated for results. This 2 in 1 Slim tea blend is Infused with 8 natural Active ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and EGCG that will reboot your body and activate the natural fat burning process. Benefits
Speeds up your metabolism
Boosts your energy levels
suppresses appetite
reduces bloating
Diminish cravings for sugar
Cleans and Detoxify
Boost your Immune system
Improves skin clarity

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